Laura’s philosophy centers on the soul’s evolution through lifetimes of incarnations; that our soul chooses the complete set of circumstances to be born into in any given life. These circumstances include the date, time, location, parents and cultural system, and they provide us and the soul exactly what is needed to evolve.

Each of us is the current manifestation of our soul and we have the responsibility to do the work of the soul ~ in doing so, enlivening and enriching our lives in the here and now.

Your natal chart is the map of the soul’s issues/history and of your personality. Laura will explore your chart and help you understand your soul/life purpose, as well as your current life challenges.


Your birth chart is a rich tapestry of your soul’s history, woven through lifetimes of incarnation. Through it you can come to know and understand your life and your karmic issues. Find out how to best use your talents and resources to fulfill your soul’s purpose and what holds you back from having the kind of life you say you want. 

In addition to helping you understand your life purpose, this reading includes an overview of some of the current trends (transits & progressions) in your life.

1 hour reading – $195
1.5 hour reading – $295
30 minute reading – $110 (for returning clients only)

Transits & Progressions

(For returning clients only)

During this consultation, we will look at the current and future cycles. 

We discover what issues you will face in the coming year and how best to maximize their potential and the learning process. 

1 hour reading – $195
1.5 hour reading – $295
30 minute reading – $110 

All times are Pacific Time, all sessions are held by Zoom.

I’ll need to have your birth date, exact birth time, and place of birth. A short personal narrative – current location, work/career, relationship/family, and the primary reason(s) for wanting a reading.

Payment is due at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment. My rate is $195 for an hour reading, and $295 for an hour and a half.

I prefer Venmo – Please contact me for details, or you can pay by credit card.

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