Reading List

An Astrological Guide to Self Awareness – Donna Cunningham
Ascendant, The – Martin Schulman
Aspects in Astrology – Sue Tompkins
Aspects of Personality – Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Asteroid Goddesses – Demetra George
Astrological Aspects – Rudhyar
Astrological Houses – Dane Rudhyar
Astrological Moon, The – Darby Costello
Astrological Triptych – Dane Rudhyar
Astrology for the Soul – Jan Spiller
Astrology of Sexuality – Martin Schulman
Astrology, Karma & Transformation – Stephen Arroyo
Astrology, Psychology & the Four Elements – Stephen Arroyo
Astrology’s Pew in Church – Donald Jacobs
Book of Saturn – Zip Dobyns
Changing Sky – Steven Forrest
Chiron and the Healing Journey – Melanie Reinhart
Consulting Astrologer’s Guide – Donna Cunningham
Dynamics of Aspect Analysis – Bil Tierney
Dynasty – The Astrology of Family Dynamics – Erin Sullivan
EA Glossary – Jeffrey Green & Linda Jonson
Eighth Houses, The – Marc Robertson
Engine of Destiny – Marc Robertson
Finding Our Way Through The Dark – Demetra George
Foundations of the Personality – Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Gods of Change, The – Howard Sasportas
Guide to the Horoscope – Marc E. Jones
Healing Pluto Problems – Donna Cunningham
Healing the Soul – Mark Jones
Horoscope Symbols – Robert Hand
Images of the Psyche – Valentine
Inner Sky – Steven Forrest
Insights into Evolutionary Astrology – Rose Marcus, Editor
Karmic Astrology, Vol. I – Martin Schulman
Karmic Relationships – Martin Schulman
Lunation Cycle – Dane Rudhyar
Making the Gods Work for You – Caroline Casey
Mysteries of the Dark Moon – Demetra George
Mythic Astrology – Guttman & Johnson
Neptune: Whispers from Eternity – Jeffrey Green
Person Centered Astrology – Dane Rudhyar
Planetary Aspects – Tracy Marks
Planets and Human Behavior – Jeff Mayo
Planets in Composites – Robert Hand
Planets in Solar Return – Mary Shea
Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
Pluto – Steven Forrest
Pluto – The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul – Jeffrey Green
Pluto, Vol 2 – Jeffrey Green
Pluto, Vol. II – Jeffrey Green
Retrograde Planets – Erin Sullivan
Rulership Book – Rex Bills
Sabian Symbols – Marc E. Jones
Saturn – Liz Greene
Saturn in Transit – Erin Sullivan
Soul Speaks, The – Mark Jones
Structure of the Soul – Jeffrey Green
The Moon In Your Life – Donna Cunningham
Transit of Saturn – Marc Robertston
Twelve Faces of Saturn – Bil Tierney
Twelve Houses – Howard Sasportas
Uranus – Freedom from the Known – Jeffrey Green
Uranus/Neptune Influence – Joy Michaud
Venus – Martin Schulman
Your Hidden Powers – Joanne Wickenburg
Your Secret Self: The Twelfth House -Tracy Marks