On-site classes are held in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle, unless otherwise posted – contact Laura for address.
All classes have a minimum requirement of 6 people registered in order for the class to happen.
All classes are subject to change and availability due to level of enrollment.



“”I have worked with Laura for many years. I always come away from our sessions invigorated and informed. I appreciate Laura’s professionalism and dedication to her work. She has changed the way that I look at my time here on earth.” -Jennifer F.



“When I first signed up for Laura’s classes, I thought I was simply looking to learn a bit more about astrology; instead, I found a powerful guide to self-knowledge and analysis. A gifted teacher, she provides real tools for self-discovery. . .to me, this was far more valuable than the dozens of books and web sites I’d previously explored on the subject. As a Capricorn, Laura is firmly grounded in what is of practical value; learning to understand yourself through your own intuition and the aid of an ancient, symbolic language. Plus, it was a lot of fun! I am extremely grateful for the experience” -Jonathan B.



“Through Laura’s teaching, I became aware of a new spiritual door. Stepping through this door has been enlightening. Laura challenges and encourages us in class – She provides wisdom and information while leaving space for us to develop our own philosophies and styles. After a year and a half in classes with Laura, I realize how much I have learned and grown. For the first time in my life, I am able to see and understand myself and other more clearly, with a healthy dose of objectivity; without taking things so personally. Laura has gifts as a true teacher; insight, intuition, empathy, passion, wisdom and inspiration, all of which she carries out in a down to earth, practical way.”
-Tara A.



“Astrology is a representational system, refined over thousands of years, that helps us understand the influences affecting our current place in the matrix of space/time. Laura helps me understand what they are and then integrate that information into my life. It’s immensely useful to me on both a day-to-day level, and in the overall living and life planning.” -Suzanne S.




Exploring Your Lunar Landscape

August 26 – 28, 2016
Laura Nalbandian, Kelly Surtees & Kira Sutherland
Packwood, Washington

Spend an inspirational weekend with 3 gorgeous astrological goddesses. Explore your lunar landscape. Deepen your understanding of the Moon.

Kira’s focus will be the Moon, the physical body and food. Kelly will focus on the Moon’s aspects and how they show soul inspired action. Laura will focus on the Moon, Ceres and present fresh ideas on nurturing and vulnerability. Throughout the weekend you’ll explore the physical, spiritual and emotional qualities of the Moon.

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