Astrology from the Heart and for the Soul

Laura is a second-generation astrologer

Laura has been teaching and practicing astrology since 1986. She is one of the premier astrology teachers in Washington and teaches on a variety of levels.



Laura’s philosophy centers on the soul’s evolution through lifetimes of incarnations; that our soul chooses the complete set of circumstances to be born into in any given life. These circumstances include the date, time, location, parents and cultural system, and they provide us and the soul exactly what is needed to evolve.

Natal Chart

Your natal chart is the map of the soul’s issues/history and of your personality. Laura will explore your chart and help you understand your soul/life purpose, as well as your current life challenges.

Each of us is the current manifestation of our soul and we have the responsibility to do the work of the soul ~ in doing so, enlivening and enriching our lives in the here and now.


“For an Astrology Reading, it doesn’t get better than Laura Nalbandian. She has wisdom from 35 years plus being immersed in the Astrology world. I highly recommend Laura’s depth, guidance and expertise.” Juliet D.



“I can’t say enough about Laura. She is insightful, spot on, knowledge unsurpassed, and all with love and humor. She’ll challenge you to look at things from a different perspective, opening up the possibilities. Been going to her for years now and a session with her has become a yearly tradition to keep on track.”

Ann M.



 “I was drawn to Laura after watching her speak on Chris Brennan’s astrology podcast. I resonated with her grounded, down to earth way of communicating. She is so comfortable in her own skin and knows a lot about astrology. I’ve been to many astrologers but what is different about Laura is that she works in evolutionary astrology which explores Pluto in your chart and how that informs where you’ve been and where you’re going.  She also talks about the asteroids which in my opinion are not given enough importance in most astrological readings. Her reading had a depth that helped me to connect with the core purpose in my life in such a personal way which  gave me a bigger picture, an overview of it all that made everything make sense and therefore made it easy to move towards the next chapter after a time of upheaval and return to being  ‘back on track’ and ‘in sync with my personal path’. If I were to choose one word to describe Laura’s reading it would be empowering. It’s kind of like I’m me again! Thank you, Laura!”

Amy Stiller


“I remember my then 16-year-old daughter bursting into tears the first time we met Laura Nalbandian for a reading. Laura gently made space for her and asked me to leave the room for her privacy. I was touched by that, and my daughter said that she was touched by having Laura understand her so well.
I share that because that has happened over and over for me. That sense of safety and of being known. Of my inner self, that is sometimes hidden from my own view is seen in a way that is nonjudgmental, kind and helpful all at the same time.
I feel so privileged to have known and worked with Laura for over 20 years. I hope for others the same gift of her expertise, wisdom, humor and kindness.” Laara israhel


“I consider my 22+ years of work with Laura to be more enlightening and effective than work I’ve done with any other astrologer, tarot card reader, coach or therapist, or therapy/self-help process. She is obviously superior in her knowledge and the use of that knowledge as she reads my chart and transits, and translates it all into exceptionally practical advice for how to move through life and its challenges. Her very practical focus and approach, combined with her humorous and caring manner, are the icing on the cake! I could go on and on but I won’t, just trust me: she’s the best!” 

Sara Jordan


“Laura Nalbandian is an amazing Evolutionary Astrologer! I have had the benefit of consulting with Laura for nearly three decades. Her insight and expertise, along with her heartfelt compassion, has shed light and helped me find answers through many of the challenges of my life. Over the years I have referred numerous patients, friends, and family members to Laura for astrological consultation without hesitation. She is that good. As well I have studied astrology, particularly Evolutionary Astrology, with Laura in numerous settings. I’ve found her understanding of astrology to be outstanding. She has the ability to teach the basics through to advanced concepts, with knowledge and passion.”
Laura Balent, DC



“I wasn’t sure what to expect from our session, but was blown away by Laura’s ability to guide me through my chart in a meaningful way. I continue to think about current life struggles in the context of what I learned from her. Laura’s warmth, intuition and ability to get to the heart of things made for a great experience.”

Emily W.



Had an amazing reading with Laura – after seeing her on the astrology podcast talking about Neptune, I just had to find her and book a reading! I loved the way she read my chart. Very much read my soul. With such wisdom and some great advice for some of my more sensitive placements. Thank you, Laura! I’ll be booking again.

Jeris S




“Laura presented my chart information in understandable terms and with relevant life examples. I felt resonance with much of the core information and was helped by the transit information that was occurring currently and in the near future. I appreciated Laura’s straightforward, clear reading, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking more insight into their life’s purpose, themes, and influences.”

Diana M.


“Laura’s style of teaching is a grounded type of magic. She teaches the deep concepts of evolutionary astrology beautifully and practically. Her confidence is palpable as she shares her wisdom with her students. She delivers the course material effortlessly and in a way that makes the sometimes-overwhelming study of astrology clear and easy to digest.
Laura is funny, enthusiastic, and passionate about turning her students into professionals. “


“Laura is a great teacher of Evolutionary Astrology. Her integrity for building a foundation for her students to learn the art and science of Astrology is deep, clear and supportive. Her readings are intuitive thus empowering one to reflect and embody the past, integrating the present and opening up insights to future possibilities.”


“One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself is study astrology with Laura Nalbandian. It changed my sense of self, relationships with others, and career path. Laura brings her knowledge and life experience to the “classroom” – yes, you learn astrology inside out, but she also opens a portal of personal transformation. She’s famous for telling her students, “there’s no external solution to an internal problem,” and one of her greatest gifts is helping you understand, heal, and strengthen your interior self. Well over a decade later, this wisdom continues to guide me, extending to my students and clients.”
Tara Aal

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